Jäger and Holly's Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Pages

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Jäger and Holly (aka Thunderfeet and Holly Dolly Devil Dog) are Wirehaired Pointing Griffons.  They're also littermates.  And they're also the means by which Leslie and I met each other - but this web page is about them, not about us.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are one of the versatile breeds, originating in Europe; they are primarily a hunter's dog used as pointers, retrievers, and trackers.  The breed is scarcely a hundred years old and has a rather unique history.  There are already many websites around that are devoted to Griffons, so instead of repeating what has already been done, for more info I'll just direct you to a website that has the complete Griffon history.  You can find the Griffon History page of the American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association here.  And the website for the kennel they are from can be found here.

In the meantime, until I get this part of the website done, here's a few Griffon pictures for you to look at.  You'll have to use your browser's 'back" button while viewing the pictures, as there won't be any navigation bars or buttons attached.  Anyways, here's a few Griffon pictures to whet your appetite.

Griffon puppies are almost all white when they're born, and there isn't much to them for size, of course.  Here's Jag's and Holly's buddies the first time I ever saw the litter.  Click here.
And out of that litter of irresistible faces, one dog in particular stood out.  Check Jäger out as a young pup, just barely able to get around, in this picture here.
Griffons are first and foremost hunting dogs for the hunter on foot.  Some writers have described them as the "four wheel drive of hunting dogs".  When most hunters think of stylish pointers, usually it isn't an image of a Griffon that comes into their mind.  But this picture was the very first point that I ever saw Jäger on.  He had just grown his Griff "beard and moustaches" and hadn't yet had any kind of formal training.  He went "missing" from the farmyard where I was visiting, and I saw him up on the hill on point.  It took me 20 minutes to round up a camera, get on some rubber boots, and get through the mud to where I could take this picture.  He had a covey of Huns sitting under his nose.  Griffons may not be thought of as stylish, but this first point of his was good enough for the picture to end up in a dog magazine.  You can view Jäger on point here.
And here's what he does to finally earn his grub here

Nice bird!

Les and the Devil Dog do pretty good as well.  Check it out.

Of course they like boating.

And they are fascinated by fishing!

They even follow us behind the house to play hockey!  Jäger ain't nearly as smart as he looks though... any knowledgeable hockey person can see I've never been able to teach him how important it is to keep his stick on the ice...  

Finally, here's a portrait of the typical Griffon look, modeled by Jäger, and you can see it here.

That's a sample of what I hope to put up on the Griff's pages as soon as I get the time to develop them.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  If you are considering a Griffon for yourself, take the background of this page as fair warning - dog footie prints and dog hair on the floor are one inevitable side effect...

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