Bob Beneteau is possibly the most accomplished Oneida bow guru in captivity... Yoda!

More info on this page to follow, but for now here are pictures of the visible ways that Bob and his partner Mike Schuch use to quieten bows.  To the best of my knowledge Bob and Mike use a combination of tuning, properly placed silencers and padding material, strings, and machining limb cups.  Obviously, not all of this can be portrayed in pictures, but here's pictures of what can be:

Picture 1    Picture 2    Picture 3    Picture 4     Picture 5

Bob and Mike also do Black Eagle and Oneida Stealth modifications.  These are particularly smooth shooting bows with letoff's of over 90%.  Mike is the man to see about getting limb cup modifications; I believe his cost was $20 if you did all the work and just sent him the cups to work on.

To contact Bob and/or Mike:

Bob Beneteau
BowTech Unlimited
627 Richmond St.
Amherstburg, Ontario
N9V 3Y4
(519) 736-1209

Bowbob59 att aol dot com

Mike Schuch

Mike#theschuchs att chartermi dot net