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These pages will try and fill in information that I'm not aware exists somewhere else, dealing with Canadian infantry weapons systems, Canadian Airborne training and operations, scenes from the field, and anything else that might be of interest.  I expect it will be very graphics oriented in nature, as there's lots of places with lots of words; the shortage seems to be of websites with lots of detailed photos.  I have lots of photos, what I lack is a high quality slide scanner, so it might take a while for me to get a lot of content up here.

If you have some striking pictures from your service in the Canadian infantry - particularly if they deal with Airborne subject matter - and you'd like to see them on the internet, contact me and I'll see if they fit in.  If you'd like to write a piece on a Canadian weapon system... again, contact me and I'll see if it fits in with what I have planned.

In the meantime, just for some teasers...

Big Single Shots
I like playing with single shot rifles and I like reloading... but I don't have anything at home that gets fed THIS kind of ammunition!  This is a standard HE round for the 106mm recoilless rifle that we used to use in the anti-tank role.

Night Shoots
All you old mortar gods will remember the wild fireworks when you had an 81mm night shoot, whether it was firing the rounds themselves or burning the increments at the end of the shoot.  This picture was taken with the camera set on "bulb" and then running over to fire the round - which in this case, was a charge 6 shot.

Night Jumps
Just a little eye candy for you old jumpers out there who remember jumps at first/last light...

Stuff I hope to put here in the future:

  • A section on the 81mm mortar
  • A section on the C1, C3, C7A1, C9, and C6 - I never thought to take pictures of them while I was in so I'm a bit short of photo material.
  • A section on CABC from when it was in Edmonton, mostly pictures of the hanger, mock tower, etc.
  • A section on our tour in Yugo in 1993 - Op Harmony, Roto II
  • A photo album of pictures from the field.
  • Anything else somebody suggests that I think is a good idea and have the material to do a decent job of presenting.