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 Hi folks!
If youíre viewing this, we either share some interests or youíre simply curious.  Whatever the case Ė welcome! 

As I start building this website I have no idea where it will end up as time passes.  Most of the things Iím interested in are probably on a website somewhere else; however, I hope to provide lots of graphics to make things a lot clearer.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then there should be quite a lot of content here.

The content will change over time as I get the opportunity to develop the various pages, but eventually this is what you will find by following the links on the left:

  • Military: some pages on my training and experiences as a Canadian paratrooper, some pages on Canadian infantry weaponry, and maybe some pages on infantry skills.
  • Firearms: some coverage on reloading, bullet casting, a few of the firearms I own that might be of interest.  Maybe even a bit of coverage on competitive shooting.
  • Archery:  I shoot an Oneida Black Eagle.  Itís kind of a unique bow so Iíll provide some pictures of that and maybe some pictures and links to useful archery information.  If I can get a good sound meter, I might do a project on how various gadgets and ideas reduce the noise a hunting bow makes.
  • Hunting:  Les and I do a lot of hunting.  So here youíll find some pictures of big game hunting trips in the Rockies around us and upland game birds on the prairies just a few hours away.
  • Fishing:  We live surrounded by some of the best flyfishing you could ask for.  This website wouldnít be complete without some coverage of the local fishing spots and favoured flies.
  • Computers:  Iím trained as a computer technician and network engineer.  It seems Iím always helping a friend or family member with a computer problem.  Thereís tons of information on the Internet to help with problems Ė if you just know where to look.  So here Iíll provide a little info and a lot of useful links for the ordinary user.
  • Canadian Firearms Legislation:  Canadaís new Firearms Act is one of the most shameful and Draconian attacks on civil rights and privacy in Canada since Canadians of Japanese descent were needlessly interned in concentration camps during WWII.