Rick & Leslie Welcome You To The Lowe Family Website

Welcome to our website.  We expect that it will be an eternal work in process as we learn more about web publishing and follow our interests. On Rick's pages you'll find subjects like hunting, flyfishing, shooting, reloading, Canadian airborne troops, computers, and Canadian firearms legislation. Les's pages will have ski instructing, stage and theatrical design, and landscape architecture initially. The Griffons... well, who knows what the evil twins will have on their pages. If this website piques your interest in where we live, you'll find photo albums of the local area and links to places and businesses here of interest to the outdoorsman.

We both have an appreciation for graphics and the beauty of the area we live in, so we'll try to do the best we can to provide high quality photographs here. To provide best viewing for visitors, the design of these pages and the graphics on them are optimized for viewing at a screen resolution of 1024x768, using Internet Explorer 5.0/Netscape 7.x or greater.  If you are a computer novice and don't understand this, please visit Rick's Computer Page for help.

We hope you enjoy your visit!